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With years of experience in the practice of aesthetic medicine, Odile Lecoin beauty care has a deep understanding of the expectations of active women, providing them with solutions which are truly innovative and effective in their everyday lives. Odile Lecoin beauty care is based on advanced dermatological studies which identify top-performing ingredients that encourage cellular renewal. Odile Lecoin beauty care products are noted for their light yet luxurious texture. Day and night, just a few minutes’ application provides a complete beauty routine and a source of well-being and pleasure. In short, a lifestyle for maintaining beauty, a lifestyle for staying young, a lifestyle for pampering yourself…

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THE absolute serum

I want the beneficial treasures concentrated in a precious metal.
I want to know the secret of dazzling beauty. I want OR. 

Or, toujours
Quintessential eye contour care

Always fresh, my eyes don’t give my age away. Always young, they are never tired-looking. Always beautiful, I love to be looked at straight in the eye. 




Fluid and light textures- for a true moment of pleasure -


The Odile Lecoin brand was created in 2001 to meet the expectations of all those who ask for the best from science to preserve their beauty and youth. As a physical therapist, Odile Lecoin developed an aesthetic medicine technique in her private practice which combines simplicity and technology and which provides surprising, long-lasting results. It wasn’t long before actresses and models exchanged their addresses with each other, and her waiting room was always filled. Next, she opened an office in New York, where she welcomed jetsetters and celebrities who wanted to combat signs of aging.

At the request of her patients, Odile Lecoin designed a range of rich and precious beauty care products with carefully supervised compositions and active ingredients guaranteeing visible results. This is how the OR (Gold) range came into being, representing a true ode to the joy of maintaining greater beauty for a longer time. OR, je suis (Gold, I Am), a powerful serum with a lift effect, became the symbol of unique know-how and magical results. Odile Lecoin beauty care has long been the secret of celebrities and makeup artists, as it is sold throughout the world. From New York to Taiwan, the world’s most demanding women are discovering the pleasure of radiant, young-looking, firm and glowing skin!

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